Sunday, July 26, 2015

Mustard Yellow Wall and anthropological observation.

Bosom friends!

I know it has been a while...What can I say this 9 to 5 deal is not as sweet as Dolly Parton made me believe. For sure there is no singing involved.
First thing first: my office has a very questionable mustard yellow wall. It is right behind me and you can only imagine what such a backdrop can do for my pale complexion. Disaster. My under eye perpetual "purpleness" has never been better bitterly highlighted.
Also I have one of the few spaces with no direct sunlight. I've never thought I was going to miss the sunshine as much as I have in the past month. You only miss the good things when they are gone.
On top of that I am enjoying the effects of eight hours a day of central air conditioning. As of now I have a sore throat, a drippy nose and a stiff neck. Very glamorous.

But it is not all bad.

I can now pay $300 dollars a month in taxes and I am able to pay premium rates for our car insurance. Dandy.

Luckily I am a people "pleaser". I know what you are thinking...Sarcasm and pleasing people do not go well together, but that's my coping mechanism.
At the end of the day I do enjoy my new assisting position. I am assisting my ass off. I am assisting so hard the "ass" in assisting is gone. I am "isting" only. I am ass-less. Not that I ever had that much of a perky rear end but now it is has completely disappeared.

It is amazing how much I have missed human interaction though.
I am around people the whole day and let me tell you there is a personality flavor for any taste.
It's fascinating to watch how certain characters react to each other. Sometimes you have pretty sparkles, sometimes it's just a lukewarm affair. It is sort of like "Big Brother" but without the editing. A bunch of strangers who spend most of their day with people they have been put in contact with not by choice but by fate. Serendipity? It sounds way more poetic that it actually is. Nevertheless it provides me quite a bit of entertainment and human interaction insight.

My favorite time of the day is lunch time. Not because of the break itself, it's not like we are having lunch at the new swanky dive in South Beach...
What is amazing is what people bring for lunch from their homes.
You know how they say show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are? Well in my case it's more like show me what you put in your lunch box and I'll tell you where your parents are from, at which point of your hormonal cycle you are at (men included) and the state of your romantic life.
I tell you, if you pay close attention to what people put in their mouths and how they do it you could get a better insight than you would by going through their garbage.
The break room fills up with smells from all the corner of the world and if you close your eyes you could imagine yourself in some places as exotic as India or as middle America as Burger King. A cheap way to travel on your lunch break. "Lunch-pedia".

I won't even get into the "fashion police" side of things. That topic deserves a whole post for itself. All I will say for now is that fashion laziness, delusion and irresponsibility are spreading like wild fire.

What really has changed since my 9 to 5 experiment is how enhanced my time off is. Now I really appreciate the feeling of "I am done for week" that Friday is filled with. The anticipation of a Friday night when you feel like those two whole days at your disposal are going to last 480 hours instead of only 48. Saturday morning coffee in bed with the hubby now tastes like we were sipping brewed grinds of original Colombian premium quality beans freshly toasted to our liking.
Doing laundry has become my weekly meditation time when I reconnect with my cosmic goddesses and my mind just floats in the air together with the steam of my iron and the smell of fresh linen.
Grocery shopping is now a treasure hunt and having the hubby lingering in front of the chocolate and candy aisle is not a as painful as it used to be.
Going out to a restaurant or meeting friends for whatever is now a red carpet affair filled with "no basic allowed" spirit and determination.

Sunday is the "sunset boulevard" of the week since Monday is just around the corner but there is still light at the end of the tunnel. The next Friday is only five more days of anthropological observation away.

Ciao for now.