Sunday, June 21, 2015

Mani-pedi in Manila.

Bosom friends!

I am very sad to announce that my posts are going to be far fewer than you got accustomed to.

As I wrote two weeks ago I am now a working girl.
I have joined the rest of the world and I am now earning a salary. Well I was no virgin to the concept of making a living for myself but I have been off the job carousel for quite sometimes.

My first week at the office has been quite balls to the wall.

I have been flown to LA for three days to have a crash course in executive assisting.
Let me tell you assisting is no piece of cake. I am already kind of reluctant to take care of my own daily necessities, you can only imagine how comfortable I am when it comes to sorting out others. And I am not taking care of desperate housewives whom the most important thing is to fit their hair and mani-pedi appointments into one afternoon.
I am making sure that corporate executives have their schedule in place and that they are not flying to Manila instead of Miami.

I am well aware I am not performing open heart surgery but when something is new it can still unnerve you no matter the degree of difficulty you are faced with.

An added challenge at the moment is to create a whole new living schedule for hubby and I.
It's like going from having a 24 hours housekeeper on your payroll to having a sad box of "swiffer" supplies delivered to your doorstep.
House work is never done by definition and let me tell you at this rate it will never be done in perpetuity. Let the dust settle and let's send the vacuum cleaner on vacation. It has worked hard for quite sometimes, it deserves to live a little.

It's amazing how much I have to manage to do in a considerably smaller amount of time.
I am planning to stuck a broom up my butt, at least while I trot around the house getting the laundry done and cooking easy to warm up meals I am also making sure the floors are kept in order too.
I am now wiping the sink and bathroom mirror right after I am done with my beauty routine. Knowing that the limestone is forming on my ceramics while I sleep would put me right over the edge. Please don't judge, I am already giving myself a roll of eyes every time I wash my face and floss my teeth.

In any case it is nice to be out of the house and  amongst new faces and such.
It's all new and I can't yet tell how much I am going to like this whole new arrangement but somebody told me that even if it's not my dream job it will be up to me to make it into it.

For now I can only hope I won't fuck it up and that I won't be asked to "sashay away".

Tomorrow is Monday and off I go ready for a new week. I assure you that the word "Monday" has now a whole new meaning. Bittersweet symphony.
Expense reports, booking of flights, calendar organizing and very little time left for a mani-pedi.

Ciao for now.


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