Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Don't cry me a river.

Bosom friends!

A little bit of silly today for you all.

Does anybody remember my piece about Dancing With The Stars?
Here is the link in case you have missed it: Dancing With the Stars.

We are now close to the end of the competition and the show has become hubby and I guilty pleasure for the past few months.
Yes it is rather cheesy and very politically correct, but DWTS is like the costumes all the female dancers wear: deliciously over the top.

However today the attention is not focused on the remaining contestants. At least not directly.

On Monday night, Army veteran and "Dancing with the Stars" semifinalist Noah Galloway proposed to his girlfriend Jamie Boyd live after he performed to David Cook's "Time of My Life." Erin Andrews was standing nearby when it all went down and this the face that was caught on camera:

Don't confuse Erin Andrews' crying with an eye roll. 
Us Weekly noted that Twitter users were criticizing the co-host for "looking more than annoyed" during the surprise romantic moment. TMZ claimed she was rolling her eyes.
Andrews, however, was just trying to hold back her tears. 

To be said that when a cry face is ugly it's a thing to treasure. Let's put aside whatever causes the crying. There are some ugly cry faces out there and there is nothing wrong with that. We cannot help the way we cry. Cry should be a freeing act, we are getting reed of an emotion to big for us to keep inside. Crying is a perfect remedy just like eating a shit load of fattening food. As long as we do it every once in a while it can only help to put out there our uncontainable feelings. Like my granny used to say for bodily gas: better out than in. Crying is as physiological as any flatulence, we must let it happen no matter how ugly it may look or sound (or smell).

Obviously TMZ had to create a silly story around a girl trying not to cry her eyes out live on national TV. TMZ is the devil. Period. They are the ones who were cracking jokes about Bruce Jenner first attempts at his imminent transition. What a delightful bunch.

Poor Erin is a lovely gal, they even figured out a good hair style for her (EVENTUALLY!). Yes she can be a bit awkward at times but so can Taylor Swift on heels.
Erin was not rolling her eyes, she was just feeling emotional over such a lovely proposal. Mind you she even had to keep holding the microphone in front of Noah during the whole thing. Have you ever been a third wheel? I have. It is as comfortable as a 12 hours flight in coach with a screaming baby next row over.

Besides, even if Erin really rolled her eyes for a split second who are we to judge? A surprise live TV broadcast marriage proposal can turn out being rather uncomfortable especially if you are the tall blond girl in a puffy sparkly dress who ends up being the involuntary master of ceremony. Perhaps she thought "here we go, never the bride always the bridesmaid". We are entitled to our feelings people! Erin did not kill a puppy on live television, let's get some perspective here...

I say good for you Erin for keeping it together and for gifting us with such a lovely ugly cry face.

At the end of the day the bedazzled dancing competition is a guilty pleasure and as such we better embrace its campy and sometimes awkward style. Rhinestones, sequins, feathers and tears.

Ciao for now.


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