Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Wedding 2.0

Bosom friends!

Boy do I have a delicious tale to share with you all.

As you may or may not know last 25th of April marked hubby and I 10th anniversary since we first meet in Aruba. This sentence alone could use a page long anecdote but for that you will need to invite me out for an adult beverage and a face to face chat.

The card I made him. Our foot prints on the sand.

I was told by the hubby not to worry about getting him a present but only advised to get him a card to commemorate our special day.
To be said that a 10 years anniversary for male gay standards is quite an achievement considering also the fact our relationship has been battered with painful periods of long distance arrangements and everything else that a couple from two different continents has to deal with.
I tell you it was no walk in the park. It was more like American Ninja Warrior, everyone's favorite heart-racing obstacle course.
Keeping it together and keeping us together took a lot of resilience, will power and copious amounts of wine.
Ah, and of course LOVE. Barrels of that. Buckets. A whole shit load. A mother load. The mother of all the mother loads.


I had the feeling that something was cooking and since hubby and I have a joined bank account (what is he gonna take from me? my bags?) I did see some suspicious transactions happening here and there for the past few months but I am very good at denial so I just looked the other way and kept busy one way or another.
Blissful ignorance.
I have been left pasturing in a filed of oblivion for at least three months while everybody else (including my mother) was in the know. Even hubby's boss was knee deep in the know.
The lies I was told and the deceiving manoeuvres I unknowingly endured where so skillfully arranged that I had to wonder how many other times I have been kept in the dark to make certain things happen.
Apparently I can freak out and go ape-shit easily over things. Whatever. I am not THAT dramatic.

The eve of our anniversary arrived and the hubby told me we were going for dinner with HT (our German friend with the right disposition) to kick off our week end of celebration.
All I was told was to pack an overnight bag. The hubby let me prepare my suitcase even when the plan entitled something completely different. Sadist.
Off we went to the Oak Tavern for what I thought was going be a quite gathering with the usual amount of bubbly.

Now, have you ever watched one of those TV shows where somebody get surprised big time with a new car or Ellen DeGeneres pays off their credit card debt? What awaited for me inside that restaurant was of a similar magnitude.

The master mind of the hubby organized to have my family and our best friends fly over to Miami to be with us for our 10th anniversary.
They were all in there waiting to surprise me. I believe they also wanted to see if I was gonna pee myself or black out all together.
It's so wonderful eventually seeing somebody you miss and not knowing that the reunion is about to happen.
I was surprised, happy, emotional, speechless, stunned as if I just learned I had been nominated for an Oscar or something. I was already thinking what to say during my acceptance speech...

Little Brother, his wife, Mother, hubby and I.
However the escalation was not over.
Once I said hi to the whole lot of our loved ones the hubby got on his knee and handed me a box of Cracker Jack. Inside the box he had placed a beautiful wedding ring and as soon as I took it out he asked me to marry him for the second time. (If you don't know the Cracker Jack Breakfast at Tiffany's reference Google it...)

Words cannot begin to describe what I felt then and there. I didn't care that we were already married. When the love of your life asks you to spend the rest of your life together it doesn't matter if it is for the first of the millionth time. You can't help but feel beautiful, wanted, needed, appreciated and all of that warm feeling stuff that makes this life worth living.

This time we were going to have a proper wedding with all the trimmings minus the bridezilla nonsense since I wasn't given the chance to get to that level of derangement. Good thinking hubby.

On April 25th 2015, ten years since we first met hubby and I got married at sunset in a gorgeous venue at the Mondrian Hotel in South Beach surrounded by our loved ones.

Hubby choose everything (from the flowers to the cake design) to be in Art Deco style.

The venue before the guests arrived.

Us and the minister.

Reception table setting.

Menu hint.

More table decors.

Our wedding rings both have a 5 carats flawless black diamond from South Africa with a platinum setting. They can be seen from space.

Everything felt familiar and brand new,
intimidating yet welcoming,
emotional and exciting,
surreal yet humbling.

Everything felt beautiful.

And beautiful is forever.

Ciao for now.

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