Thursday, May 28, 2015

The bees are dying but the Kardashians are all alive and well.

Bosom friends!

Today Kylie Jenner is making headlines for posting an image supporting 'Chemtrails' Conspiracy to Twitter.
The image claims cloud plumes caused by plane contrails are actually chemicals responsible for mass bee deaths.

 9 million followers exposed to such poorly spelled and written revelation.
Jenner has unknowingly stumbled into the chemtrail conspiracy theory, which dates back to August 1996, when the United States Air Force’s university, Air University, published a paper titled Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025. Some members of society took the paper to mean that the government wanted to control the weather. A conspiracy was born.
True? False?
Many other celebrities do believe in this whole thing and the poor honey bees are paying the highest price: they are dropping like flies. 
Thank you Kylie for yet another pearl of wisdom (AKA suppository of farsightedness...).
Would you like to elaborate about this heavy topic Kylie? I am sure you would. If you could. 

On the other hand and on yet another magazine cover we have the queen bee of the Kardashian/Jenner dynasty this time unleashing her inner Marilyn Monroe.

Kim West Kardashian is featured on the cover of Vogue Brazil properly photoshopped and edited.
Poor Marilyn Monroe has to be associated with such talent.
The magazine mentions that a wig was ordered for the shoot, but since Kim went blonde just before, it was not needed to complete her Marilyn transformation.
Such commitment to her craft.
Bleach and toner were not spared to achieve such mesmerizing metamorphosis.
Personally I don't see any resemblance with the 1950's bombshell but perhaps in Brazil they perceive such similarities differently. They see the Favelas as legit neighborhoods so I suppose the fine line between reality-show-starlet and movie-star-icon is not a big deal.
I call bullshit.
Naturally Kim also gifted us with another of her pearls of wisdom and during the interview told the magazine:
“I challenge anyone to try to do everything I do and then tell me whether or not I have talent”.
The interview also touches on her body image, career and new selfie book, Selfish.
Such achievements.
I call bullshit again.

Perhaps all the chemtrails are put out there not to take care of the bees but to alter our brain chemical balance in order to render all of the Kardashians crap irrelevant once and for all.

That is a conspiracy I would stand for.

Ciao for now.


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