Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Welcome to the HOUSE.

Bosom friends!

I have to apologize for neglecting you a little this past few days.

In all honesty I was recovering from a very fun night I spent with hubby and HT (our friend with the right disposition) at a club literally two blocks away from our apartment.

I had to retreat into my sanctuary and watch Sunset Boulevard on a loop to put all the pieces back together.

I am now fully recovered if we don't consider the pain that the high heels has inflicted onto my poor toes. But hey, no pain no gain, right?


Last Saturday hubby felt the need to shake his booty after a very busy work week. Let our hair down and put our hands up in the air kind of affair.
Since we wanted to try a new place we opted to grace with our presence HOUSE Nightclub.

I am not exaggerating when I tell you that we are basically neighbours to this place located at 1915 NW Miami Ct. Our Uber ride was only $4. We could have walked but these heels aren't made for walking and that's just what they will do, take a Uber to travel 0.3 mile.

Since the HOUSE Saturday night is called "My Rules Saturday" and they have a strict dress code I decided to take Prima Donna out for a stroll.
At HOUSE they encourage creative couture, from sexy pajamas to leather to pink panties. DRESS UP TO DRESS DOWN. Save the tank tops and tennis shoes for the beach, or prepare to have them removed.
While waiting to be be escorted to our VIP table (the table was actually a huge bed with black velvet covers) I managed to glance at a few bubble butts proudly displayed by some party goers.
That did look very promising indeed.
Once we made it inside I was happy to notice that this club was not your average skanky gay night hang out. The interiors are very well put together and the decor has nothing to envy to those honestly overrated clubs in South Beach. HOUSE looks very classy and edgy at the same time with a touch of unexpected madness that only makes you even more eager to find out what they have in store next.
The fact that they have a strict no pictures policy inside should prepare you for a place where boundaries are to be left at the entrance door. Nevertheless HOUSE entertainment never becomes a cheap or trashy spectacle and all you have to do is to feast your eyes on those gorgeous entertainers and bar tenders wearing little to nothing.
Every detail at HOUSE is well thought and the reining atmosphere is cool and very modern yet sexy and decadent.
HOUSE doesn't like labels at all, it's not a gay club, it's not a straight club.
HOUSE it's an experience club. (By the way this line is my own, House if you want it give me a call...)
Almost forgot, you can even get your own personal key to the HOUSE...it's up to you to find out how...
I won't get into too many details, you must try HOUSE first hand.

As usual I was a success with my look...if you don't put in account that infamous pageant when my undergarments and back fat were analyzed under a microscope.
This time around I truly embrace the assignment: my rules Saturday.

I put together a very androgynous look by wearing a tuxedo jacket and bow tie, no fake tits, no wig, just a flawlessly painted face, black fishnets and patent leather high hells.
I felt comfortable and confident as I have never felt before. Mind you my toes are still numb from the shoes but at least I didn't have to battle with hair getting on my lipstick and undergarment wires digging their own grave into my ribcage. There was still pain involved into looking drop dead gorgeous but after the first couple of compliments I didn't give a fuck about imminent bunions.

I have to admit that I did have a bit of an agenda going to such a club all done up ready for the kill. I knew that someone involved in the entertainment side of things for HOUSE was going to be there and I did hope to "accidentally" bump into that someone. And so I did. Indeed.

I have an audition with the House Master of HOUSE club tomorrow.  

It's All About Eve bosom friends...

Ciao for now.

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