Thursday, January 8, 2015

Je Suis Charlie.

Extract from the Guardian:
Two gunmen in balaclavas and bullet-proof vests, armed with a pump-action shotgun and an automatic rifle, stormed into the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo at about 11.30am as about 15 journalists had gathered for the weekly editorial conference. They called for the editor by name and then murdered him before spraying the room with gunfire, killing nine more and wounding others. Laurent Léger, a Charlie Hebdo writer, managed to sound the alarm, calling a friend and telling him: “Call the police. It’s carnage, a bloodbath. Everyone is dead.”
As they made their getaway, the gunmen shot dead two policemen, including one who they shot in the head at close range as he lay injured on the pavement.
The two attackers then jumped into a small black Citroën that they had apparently arrived in and drove off.
The attack was the bloody culmination of a long-simmering struggle between France’s libertarian traditions of free speech and an increasingly extreme strand of Islamism. Witnesses described hearing the attackers shout “Allahu Akbar” as well as “We have avenged the Prophet.” Two eyewitnesses said they claimed to be from al-Qaida. One of them specified al-Qaida in Yemen, a group also known as al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula.
Charlie Hebdo, a feisty and irreverent publication with a 44-year history, had been at the very frontline of that battle since 2006, when it first reprinted cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad originally published by the Danish paper Jyllands-Posten.

What a Wonderful World.

According to the radical Muslim way of life, if you come across any form of expression that insults your religion you are entitled to murder whomever created (or promoted) the blasphemous piece of satirical information. It's not that complicated bosom friends.
Bang, bang, he shot me down
Bang, bang, I hit the ground.
Wham bam thank you ma'am.

I find it very sad that those radicalised men (al-Qaida) thought that they succeeded at avenging their Prophet by striking a satirical journal. 
Prophets are those people who Muslims believe were assigned a special mission by God to guide humans. They are busy chosen individuals.
I don't think those venerable beings would give a damn about funny drawings and vignettes, even when they picture them naked or kissing whom ever.

God should be of infinite knowledge, unlimited power, be present everywhere, be of perfect goodness and of eternal and necessary existence.
Humans unfortunately aren't any of that.
The most commonly used names for god in Islam are:
  • The Most High (al-Ala)
  • The Most Glorious (al-ʻAziz)
  • The Ever Forgiving (al-Ghaffār)
  • The Ever Providing (ar-Razzāq)
  • The Ever Living (al-Ḥayy)
  • The Self-Subsisting by Whom all Subsist (al-Qayyūm)
  • The Lord and Cherisher of the Worlds (Rabb al-ʻĀlamīn)
  • The Ultimate Truth (al-Ḥaqq)
  • The Eternal Lord (al-Bāqī)
  • The Sustainer (al-Muqsith)
  • The Source of Peace (As-Salām)
The attackers of that satirical journal didn't represent any of the above.
I am pretty sure none of those God names translate with what happened at the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo. 

The problem arises when human beings decide to mix with holy entities.
As humans we are limited by definition. We even have an expiration date.  
Our grasp of the plans that God and his Prophets may have are limited by our mental constraints. 
A God does not need us to avenge him/her/it.
A God to exist only needs our faith.

All religious people in the world should only honour their Gods through prayer and acts of good will towards the less fortunate. Period.

That's what religion should be all about : having faith in something better and way more farsighted than the rest of the human race.

Je Suis Charlie.

Ciao for now
Je me vais. Ciao!


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